* To invited artists : Only one project per artist. For inserting your project, please contact Lilistress or Éric Dorchain

  M Z " BURN OUT "
 Rita Quattrocchi " BURN OUT"
Robert Jasiński  "Triptych - Lonely hearts"
Barbara Monacelli    "Learning life (Chapter one) "
Éric Dorchain  "B_RN OUT"
Martynas Vilimavicius  "burn out "Feelings"
Claudio Parreira  " Fuck the world"
Sandor Csuhai  " komp "
Zina Kostich  "Burn out"
Debra Dilworth "Employable Beings"
Nadiia Doicheva  "Homunculus"
Morgan Schultz  "Daguerrotype and Kinetograph"
andré schmucki  "selbstbetrachtung - 2018"
Andrés Menchén  "Machina Corde - Project Zero"
victor tkachenko  " Shelter "
Eti Pis  " A/R "
Stefanie Milow  "portrait of a worried woman "
Bader Qabazard  "Born Under A Bad Sign"
Paolo Todde  " UII. "
Monique Ilsink  "The opposite"
John's Digital Art  " Confrontation with Self / Who am I?
Eleonora Simeoni  "Gli opposti"
GyoBeom AN "Image-face"
  Lucyna Łazarska "Puppets"
Roma Kaminsky  "psychos"
Vladan Nikolic "Freedom of Speech"
Jungwan Chae " Play "
Peter Zelei "The Lady and the Unicorn"
Bjorn Nelissen  " Marketing Poster"
  Pawel Kopczynski  "I can't see"
Vladimir Volodja Sivtsevich  "Tree watered with forgotten musical notes"
Cyril Jayant  " Metamorphosis of regards"